We are a great Association committed to Environmental Restoration.

ANARAC’s primary aim is to summon academic oraganizations, civil society, environmental authorities and dedicated companies to environmental assessment and remediation to form a common front in solving this problems, by analyzing experiences and evaluate results of each method and applied technology.

Supporting organization for environmental restoration


Affiliated companies to the ANARAC, get benefits from fully participating with various players from the national and international environmental sector.


Among the benifts the ANARAC offers, are the following:

  • Industrial representation.
  • Participation in the creation of rules, reguletions and environmental guidelines.
  • Defending the interests of its members.
  • Updated información (Reforms, Rules, Regulations, etc.)
  • Fellows systems.
  • Commercial Opportunities.
  • Environmental publications.
  • Technical support.
  • Promoting environmental development.


The ANARAC, represents the common and legitimate interests of the companies that are part of its select membership.

Additionally invites all those who have taken to inprove our environment including in their lifestyle environmental protection and life itself.

To become a member of the ANARAC is required to be a company duly incorporated with good trajectory, ascertainable, willing to form a common front to the environmental challenge and submint any Project according to the ANARAC's objectives and their member’s becoming responsable for it.

Partners Selection

The candidates that want to be part of the ANARAC sare carefully studied by the acceptance comittee members.
Each one of the members that form the ANARAC are entities that have demonstrated technical and economic capacity to develop their projects and contribute day by day in fulfilling the purpose of the ANARAC.

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The ANARAC works as a training and evaluation agency of labor competencies.
The ANARAC has won a very important place in the environmental market through a series of activities that have been established since in founding.
The continuos work for generating an improving the dissemination of specialized information has proveked on the ANARAC a number of concerns due to policy and technical deficiencies that have taken into the field within the national territory, therefore the ANARAC stimulates the daily struggle for the sake of our environment.


Thanks to its prestige the ANARAC form part of the selected working groups that the environmental authorities summon for the creation or reform to the Mexican Standards, among the highlights are:

  • NOM- 138- SEMANART/SSA1-2012 Maximum permissible levels of hydrocarbons in soil and specifications for characterization and remediation.
  • NOM-147-SEMARNAT/SSA1-2004 QEstablishing criteria for determining the remediation concetrations of contaminated soil by Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Cadmium, Creomoltexavalente, Mercury, Nickel, Silver, Lead, Selenium, Thallium and/ or Vanadium.
  • NMX-AA-132-SCFI-2006 Soil sampling for the inentification and quantification of metal and metalloids and simple handling.
  • PROY-NOM- 160 SEMANART-2011 Establishing the elements and procedures for formulating management plans for hazardous waste.
  • NORMA MEXICANA NMX-AA-105-SCFI-2008. SUELOS- Light Hydrocarbons fractions by gas chromatography with flame ionization detector or mass spectrometry.
  • NORMA MEXICANA NMX-AA-141-SCFI-2007.SUELOS- Light hydrocarbons fraction by gas chromatography with flame ionization detector or mass spectrometry.
  • NORMA MEXICANA NMX-AA-134-SCFI-2006. SUELOS-Heavy hydrocarbons fraction by extraction and gravimetry – Test method.
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Phone: (52+55) 56 33 22 10 Ext. 101
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e-mail: contacto@anarac.org.mx